Just How Much Damage Will the California Wildfires Cost?

This year California is beginning preparations for its worst ever wildfire season that could possibly cripple the state’s economy, according to Governor Jerry Brown. This year there has already been nearly a dozen wildfires throughout the state and it has caused $20 million in damages. The state of California has a little over 5,000 firefighters on the job and has set aside $600 million to battle the fires, but he also worries that it may not be enough to cover the complete damages. So far in 2014, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has responded to over 1,5000 fires. An average year for California would contain about 800 fires.

The main reason for all of the fires is due to climate change. The climate change is making the weather even hotter, therefore it is much easier for a blaze to spark from the tiniest mistake. Over the next couple of years California residents will have to make adjustments on how they live, how they build their residences, and how much vegetation will be able to grow around them. The string of wildfires in San Diego was triggered by unusually high temps, very low humidity, and gusty winds.

A local firefighter stated that for them, the wildfire season never ended; that it has been a straight continuation from last years. Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate on Saturday after a resurgence of flames ripped throughout the San Diego region. In Modesto, a fire that was fueled by hot weather and high winds quickly spread to townhouses and destroyed three complexes while damaging six others. The California firefighting agency was at its peak of staffing in the beginning of April which is not usual. The average start of staffing for California begins in mid-May. One firefighter even told reporters that “There hasn’t been a break. It’s almost been a 12-month fire season.”

When living in dry areas with extremely high temperatures, it is extremely important not to throw out cigarettes and other fire-fueled substances that could spark a wildfire. If a fire disaster has crippled your home, it is important to call the professionals in this situaiton.

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